We look forward to seeing many new athletes participate and join TEAM USA.


Aerial Silks

Varsity Mixed Amateur
Josephine Goldberg - 62.00

Junior A Women Amateur
Hailey Hyatt - 86.13

Masters 40+ Women Amateur
Jeuarlet McClanahan - 74.90
Alissa Ward - 70.67

Senior Women Amateur
Ashleigh Hayward - 72.17

Varsity Mixed Competitive
Nicole Smolyanyuk - 68.86
Addison Kaplanek - 57.18

Junior A Women Competitive
Milhei Colanse - 89.53
Megan Pellegrini - 70.80
Anna Zakaryan - 68.80
Eden Rios - 67.33
Charlotte Tischker - 52.43

Masters 50+ Competitive
Janice Gruenberg - 109.20

Aerial Hoop

Varsity Mixed Amateur
Ava Alvarez - 83.80

Junior A Women Amateur
Ivy Parish - 77.27

Senior Women Amateur
Katelyn Brush - 80.47

Junior A Women Competitive
Davauca Dirksen - 69.03

Masters 50+ Women Competitive
Heidrun Bean - 65.63

Senior Women Competitive
Ashlyn Peters - 106.13
Pana Salta - 92.73
Taylor Williams - 87.35

Pole Sport

Junior A Women Amateur
Caroline Bacon - 77.97

Senior Women Amateur
Molly Selleck - 98.77
Caitlin Brackney - 93.27

Masters 40+ Women Competitive
Kristina Orosz - 118.53

Senior Women Competitive
Christine Hotchkin - 103.97

Pole Art

Senior Women Amateur
Xandria Bautista - 136.25

Junior B Women Competitive
Natalie Kreckova - 189.08


Senior Women Competitive
Layla Pendley - 136.33


Each routine just $75 per person 

(Doubles is $150 per entry)
Registration and Payment has closed.

Dates at a Glance

USPSF Virtual Semi-Finals 2022

April 1

Registration and Payment is due

May 1

Videos, Concept Forms, and Difficulty Sheets are due

Mid May

Videos will be judged by the USPSF judging panel

June 2

Videos will be streamed and scores will be announced during the stream.
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Competition is a great chance to progress, have new experiences, and possibly even advance.

Competing in Semi-Finals gives you a chance to create a routine and have it judged by our Certified Judges. This valuable feedback will give you a competitive advantage if you wish to go on to Nationals. 

You do not have to compete at Semi-Finals in order to compete in Nationals. But it is very highly suggested!

But no matter what your reason, competition can be a wonderful opportunity. We hope to see many NEW athletes join the competition this year because of the ease of competing virtually. 

Prepare for Nationals

By competing at Semi-Finals, you will push yourself to develop a routine early in the competition season.

You will get valuable feedback from the judges on your performance and then you will be able to apply that feedback to your routine for Nationals!

By the time you take the stage at Nationals, you can feel confident that you have dedicated the time and effort to make the most of your routine. 

Convenience of Virtual

Take advantage of the benefits of virtual competition. There aren't any travel costs, you don't need time off work. Also, you can video as many times as you want.

This is a great way for new athletes to comfortably get into the world of competition from the safety of their own homes/home studios. 

What to do next

You know you're going to love it and you feel the excitement inside you growing!

Here's what to do next:
1: Click the button and register
2: Pay the registration fee  
3: Begin training and be ready for an experience of a lifetime!