US Pole Sports Federation

Leading the Industry

The US Pole Sports Federation (USPSF) is the national federation and the US governing body for Pole Sports. It was founded in 2014 under the name US Pole Sports Federation and is a nonprofit 501c3 along with being a non-governmental national organization constituted under US law. The Federation is a member of the Pole Sports & Art World Federation (POSA), one of the international governing bodies for pole sports and the host of the Pole Sport World Championships and World Pole Art Championships. The USPSF has also received accreditation from the USA Sports Council and is now an active member. The USPSF is a leader in the community and is working towards Pole Sports being recognized globally as a sport and the eventual inclusion into mainstream sports events and the Olympic Games. The mission of USPSF is to promote, administer, and develop pole sports to benefit athletes of all ages, levels, and backgrounds across the United States.

Our Objectives:
- To advance, promote, and protect the character, status, and interests of Pole Sports across the USA.
- To work alongside the International Federation to develop standardized rules governing regional and world competitions.
- To enforce the Code of Conduct and Standards of Ethics for both athletes and officials.
- To advise and assist the USPSF Regional Member Bodies and the Associate Members in the administration of Pole Sports in their regions and organizations.
- To represent the USA and Pole Sports in the Olympic Movement.
- Assist, create, collaborate, and educate studio owners and coaches in the advancements of the pole community.

The USPSF amends its governing documents regularly, reviewing the Statutes and complementing the Competition Rules with pertinent codes and regulations in line with the International Federation.

Our Structure

USPSF Structure Democratic describes the style of governance and the structure of USPSF. The Managing Committee is made up of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary General, and Athlete Chair who tends to the day-to-day running of the federation. The committee is supported in its task by the standing commissions, by advisers and consultants, and by the administration. 

Our Vision

We hope to educate and inspire the public and future athletes in the benefits of Pole Sports and competitive pole. Our goal is to assist the POSA World Federation by working with the local sporting agency/councils and the US Olympic Committee to gain sporting recognition for Pole Sports.


Katrina Wyckoff - President

Leading the industry

Katrina began dancing at age 3 and has never stopped. She trained competitively as a child and then danced at Brigham Young University. Katrina was recruited to dance and coach for a professional dance/cheer team in the German Football League in Saarbrucken, Germany called the Saarbrucken Hurricanes. There she performed for thousands of people on a regular basis and led her team to be recruited for many professional and corporate events around Germany. Upon her return to the United States, Katrina began teaching dance and coaching cheerleading. Katrina taught cheer at Cross Middle School, CDO High School, and Ironwood High School while teaching at Centre Stage Dance Studio. In 2006, Katrina took over Centre Stage Dance Studio and moved into the role of director and entrepreneur. Katrina has opened multiple locations in multiple states, including multiple locations in Tucson. Under her direction, Centre Stage has quadrupled in size and gone on to become a premier and respected pre-professional and competitive training facility. Centre Stage has welcomed literally thousands of dancers/athletes through its doors. These dancers/athletes have gone on to win many awards at competitions (including many national and even world titles), they have danced on the world stage opening for greats such as Tim McGraw or at the opening event of Cars Land at California Adventure, and the studio has won best dance studio in Oro Valley. Katrina's sound leadership mind and dedication to the industry have led her to become a sought-after mentor and keynote speaker for studio owner groups, including the Studio Owners' Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Katrina is passionately involved with pole competition and has served on the USPSF since 2015, actively growing the sport and moving it towards its future in the Olympics. Katrina was the local organizer of the USPSF Southwest Regional Championships 2018 and 2019. 

Katrina loves to compete in pole and is a world-renowned pole athlete/dancer in her own right. She is proud of her accomplishments as a coach and athlete for TEAM USA, including her title as FIRST PLACE DOUBLES CHAMPION for USPSF Championships 2017. Katrina loves helping women achieve their fitness goals and becoming strong - inside and out! Katrina's greatest joy and happiness still stem from seeing each student grow and blossom as they discover their own potential from within. 2014-Present: Owner/Instructor Center Stage Pole Fitness-award winning aerial studio specializing in competition pole for children and adults 2006-2021: Owner/Instructor Centre Stage Dance Studio- award winning youth dance studio specializing in competition dance 2017-Present: Member USPSF Committee 2018: Competitor Level 5 Exotic PSO, San Francisco 2017: Top Ten Doubles Competitor at POSA World Championships, Switzerland for Team USA 2017: Second Place PSO Doubles Seattle 2017: Doubles First Place National Champion USPSF 2017: Coach to National Champions for Novice Professional and Novice Amateur USPSF 2016: Competitor at IPSAF World Championships Florence, Italy 2016: Delegate to TAFISA World Games in Jakarta, Indonesia to represent Pole Sport before the Olympic Committee 2016: Certified as Judge for POSA 2016 Competitor and First Place Team Trophy (Team USA) at IPSF World Championships London, England 2016 Coach to winner and world record breaker Novice athlete IPSF World Championships London, England 2016 Doubles Elite 2nd Place National Champion USA IPSF 2016 Doubles Elite 2nd Place National Champion USPSF, Jacksonville, Florida 2015 Coach to 2nd Place Novice Elite IPSF London, England 2015 Coach to 1st Place Novice Elite USPSF Championships Jacksonville, Florida 2015 Certified Judge for IPSF Certifications, training, awards:

Pole/Aerial Training: Xpert Pole Fitness Levels 1/2, Xpert Pole Fitness Levels 3/4, Xpert Aerial Silks, Xpert Children’s Course, JW Method Pole Fitness. Fitness Training: Zumba, Aqua Zumba, Kids Zumba, Water Aerobics Instructor.

Dance Training: American Ballet Theater National Teachers Training, 30 years of classical dance training including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop. 20 years of teaching ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, acro. College dance training at Brigham Young University.

Additional: Certified in CPR and First Aid. Valedictorian of CDO High School.

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Odette Tan
Vice President

Odette’s pole dancing addiction started in 2010 during a bachelorette weekend.  She discovered pole to be an exhilarating and freeing experience as well as providing both physical and mental therapy during tough times. She credits pole dancing for transforming her into the strong, confident woman she is today.

Odette attended her first competition as a Finalist for Miss Texas Pole Star in 2012. She has also won numerous awards as a doubles partner in Duo Et Cetera, including 2013 Capital of Texas Pole Championship Partners Pole 1st Runner Up, 2013 Miss Texas Pole Star Doubles 1st Runner Up, 2014 Miss Texas Pole Star Doubles Winners, and 2014 United Pole Artists Video Challenge Doubles Winner.  These days, she is happiest in helping others obtain their own pole goals. She has been instructing since 2012 and has numerous certifications to help her be the best instructor she can be.

Odette first became involved with USPSF by becoming a POSA / USPSF Certified Pole Sports Judge in 2018. She has judged the 2017 US Pole Dance Federation (USPDF) Battle For Armageddon, 2018 USPSF Texas Regional, USPSF Virtual Semi-Finals from 2020-2021, USPSF National Championships from 2018-2021, and POSA Pole Sport World Championships in 2018 and 2021.

She is excited to continue contributing to the pole community through USPSF.

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Summer Vyne
Vice President

Summer Vyne, founder and past President of USPSF, established and built USPSF into what it is today. 

Summer began her pole and aerial journey in 2010 and is the owner of Bittersweet Studios. She has competed in multiple pole competitions and enjoys performing with her aerial dance team. She loves teaching aerials and pole; and is an AFAA, elevatED, and Bokwa certified fitness instructor.

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Michael Wyckoff
Vice President

Bio coming soon!

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Sarah Samuelson

A Registered Nurse by trade, but a pole princess at heart, Sarah will be bringing her attention to detail as our committee treasurer. She loves being a mom, eating cookie dough, and traveling to and learning about new places. In addition, Sarah has been teaching pole for 5 years and won first place at the 2018 USPSF Southwest Regionals Pole Art Elite!

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Lucila Perez
Marketing Chair

MBA strong business, marketing, fitness, and dance background. National Physics Committee (NPC) state judge -under Tim Gardner, IFBB, and Mr. Olympia judge. Founding and Board Member Puerto Rico’s Professional Dance Association (APRODANZA-RAD). BOSU, QiDANCE, and FiTour Master Trainer. Former Athletics and Fitness Association of America examiner. Certified by NSCA, ACE, AFAA, Stott Pilates, and other credentials. Continued education provider and university-level professor.

Steadily teaching Intelligent POLE Movement since 2015. Longest standing pole instructor for Pole Dance Puerto Rico; main provider of pole classes on the Island. Along with NPC and other colleagues believe in pole’s athletic and artistic nature.

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Ashley Robinson
Athlete Chair

Ashley is the owner and head coach of FlexyFit + Aerial Ashletes, out of Dallas, Texas. This dynamically melanated aerialist and coach helps people achieve their aerial ambitions with a focus on safety, skill mastery, and better movement mechanics. She specializes in body-inclusive teaching, and coaching competitors and plus-size aerialists.

Ashley started in the world of pole fitness over a decade ago, and her passion for aerials, circus, flexibility, and fitness has grown into an obsession. She's immersed herself physically and mentally through learning new apparatuses, performing, competing, and diversifying in multiple disciplines. She received her USPDF Pro Card in 2017 and was the 2017 PSO Level 4 1st place champ! She has gone on to train dozens of award-winning pole and aerial competitors.

Addicted to learning, Ashley is a master nerd and body sorceress and is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Human Movement Specialist, and Women’s Fitness Specialist with ten years of experience in fitness, flexibility, dance conditioning, pole, and aerial. She is also certified in just about everything, including Pole 1-4, Aerial Hoop, Trapeze, Aerial Pilates, Flexibility, Percussion Therapy, Self Myofascial Release (SMR), mobility & recovery training, and REBT Mindset Life Coaching.

Before becoming a circus geek, Ashley was a business creative and now enjoys hanging out at the creative intersection of those two passions. When she’s not dangling in the air or coaching, you can find her putting her MBA, design, and marketing expertise to use to help entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve their creative business needs.

She is thrilled to be joining the USPSF team and contributing to this amazing organization!   

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Tamara Turnidge
Event Coordinator

Tamara discovered the joy that dance and pole brings to your life when she attended an open house event for the first pole studio location in Oro Valley, AZ in 2014.

She enjoys being a mom and the many adventures that introduces to her life, learning gluten-free baking, traveling especially when it involves historical sites, writing, and singing.  Tamara has spent five years as a volunteer tutoring youth between the ages of 12-17 in the works of Shakespeare and theatre for an after-school/homeschool program, as part of this program she has directed and produced four full-length Shakespeare plays.

Tamara brings to the committee her skills for organizing and planning; as well as, a warm smile and bubbly positive attitude.

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Michelle Jones
Judges Chair  

Fitness has always been a part of Michelle's life. She is the mom of two awesome kids, owner of MTC Fitness, and the Fitness and Wellness Director of an active adult community. As a personal trainer, Michelle enjoys helping athletes develop the tools they need to compete successfully at all levels.

When she first walked into an aerial studio it was love at first sight.  After teaching and competing pole and aerial silks she knew right away she wanted to be a part of this community for life.

Michelle has had the honor of representing POSA and the USPSF as a certified International Judge since 2018. Traveling the world to judge the best of the best in Pole Sport has been a highlight of herlife.