Virtual Semi-Finals 2024

Registration is CLOSED
Registration Due March 31
Videos Due April 20

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National Championships 2024

Registration is OPEN

Early Registration Ends July 5, 2024
Registration Closes July 20, 2024

Tucson, Arizona
August 23-25, 2024

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Competition is a great chance to progress, have new experiences, and possibly advance.

But no matter what your reason, competition can be a wonderful opportunity. We hope to see many NEW athletes join the competition this year

Grow as an Athlete

There are a few things like preparing for a competition to help you grow as an athlete.

Experience the transformation of going from a recreational poler to a true athlete by signing up and competing. 

Showcase your Hard Work

Chances are if you're reading this you are pretty passionate about pole and aerial. You probably put a lot of time and effort into what you do. Competitions can be a chance to showcase all that hard work to a broader audience. 

 Be a part of History

When you compete with the USPSF, you're making history. We are recognized by the US Sports Council as the governing body of pole sport. We are on a mission to grow pole sport.

So when you take the stage for a USPSF competition, you're helping to write a page in history books of pole!

Qualify for the POSA World Championships

Athletes in Amateur and Competitive divisions can all advance to the POSA World Championships.

The top three of all age divisions (besides Varsity) will get a spot on TEAM USA and qualify for Worlds.

This is your chance to compete on the world stage with the best of the best while still competing comfortably in the category that is right for you. 

Have Fun

This is, after all, for you.

Competition can lead to new friends, new experiences, and ultimately, new joy.