Understanding the Code of Points as:

An Athlete

Learn what is required to put together a phenomenal routine and how to maximize your score. Understand how judges score so that you can do your very best.  

A Coach

Taking the Code of Points Training will set you apart as a serious and educated coach in Pole and Aerial Sports.  Even if you never plan to judge, this course will show that you understand the rules and know what it takes to help your athletes succeed. 

A Prospective/New Judge

Would you like to be a part of history as a certified POSA Judge? The POSA Judges Training is an internationally acclaimed certification that will qualify you to judge certain POSA national competitions. Your certification will stand as a testament that you understand the scoring and can serve the pole community through your judging.

With your successful completion of the Code of Points Training and passing the Judges Certification test, you may be invited to judge the USPSF Virtual Semi-Finals and possibly future events such as USPSF Nationals and even POSA Worlds. 

A previously certified POSA/USPSF Judge

Has it been a while since you've judged? Need a refresher on the Code of Points? Take this training to make sure your skills are laser-sharp and you're ready to judge. 


Code of Points
for Athletes and Coaches

Watch our on-demand videos that will dive into each scoring section to help athletes and coaches understand the Code of Points in greater detail.

Code of Points Training and Certification for Judges

Judges must watch all Code of Points Sessions to complete their judge's course. This course also includes a one-on-one with a judge to answer any remaining questions and practice videos before taking the Judge's exams.

The Code of Points Training includes:

- Overview and review of each judging section
- Updates of newly released information
- Question and answer section to allow you to gain complete clarity on any questions you may have
- The opportunity for you to calibrate your skill to the national level

Certifications that are offered:
- USPSF Certified Judge
- Judge Recertification for previously certified USPSF Judges
- National Head Judge Certification 

For Certified Judges, we also provide lifetime access to review courses, including:
- Explanation videos for each judging section
- Practice videos and tests for each judging section
- Membership in the USPSF National Judges Training Facebook group where you will have access to all the material plus the ability to ask questions on videos, discuss with other judges and receive answers and feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do I need?

Anyone who would like to learn more about the Code of Points is invited to take the workshop and/or work towards becoming a Certified Judge. 

If I pass the Judge's Certification will I automatically judge the next competition?

There are a lot of things that go into choosing a judging panel. It will be up to the organizers of the event who is chosen. However, having your certification makes you one step closer to judging.