Hello Athlete,

Here you can find the resources to help you put together a great routine!

Please read the rules and regulations for your competition carefully. Also, for pole sport and aerial, don't forget to download the CODE OF POINTS.

Need more help with you routine? Contact [email protected] and we can match you up with a USPSF coach who would be happy to work with you on your routine through zoom. We offer great rates and practical and effective methods for putting together your best routine.



POSA Pole Sport Rules and Regulations 2021


Updated 2021 Aerial Code of Points


Spring-Semi Finals Documents

Pole Sport Virtual Rules and Regulations

Classique Rules and Regulations

Pole Art Virtual Rules and Regulations

Aerial Competition Virtual Rules and Regulations

Difficulty Sheet 

For pole sport and aerial only. Due with video submission. Must be typed in black ink.

Athlete Contract

Due with video submission through submission form

Concept form 

Would you like for us to check your concept? Download this form and send it in to [email protected] at least one week before all forms are due. Having your concept checked is a good idea because any videos/routines that do not meet the USPSF standard will not be aired or will be stopped during a live competition.  This concept can be used for any competition.