Pole Con Workshop

Join National Champions Melvin and Sabrina at Pole Con Sunday morning at 9 AM.

GO FOR GOLD Workshop

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The USPSF Gold Medal Method


1- Control Your Mindset

2- Know the rules and Regulations

3- Create a winning routine

4- Train like a Champion

5- Nail your routine on stage

1- Control your mindset

Whether you think you can or you cannot, you are right. Don't be afraid to shoot for the moon.

Training for a competition is as much an emotional journey as a physical one. Control your thoughts to make sure you make it to the stage as the best version of yourself.

Use meditation and mental rehearsal as part of your practice. 

2- Know the Rules and Regulations

So many people get a lower score than they could have because they didn't read the rules and regulations (and the Code of Points for pole sport and aerials). 

Do not even consider competing if you are not willing to spend the time understanding how you will be judged. Even if you aren't competing with the USPSF, there are still rules you must follow.

Make the time to fully understand the rules and regulations to your competitions. 

Consider hiring a coach or speaking with a certified judge if you need help.  

Link to all the USPSF Rules and Regs and Documents

3- Create a Winning Routine

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Pick good music

*lots of ups/downs/changes

Choose a character

You do not have to be superman or wonder woman, but you do need to have a character (even an abstract one) that the judges will be able to connect with. 

Pick your moves

*choose moves you can execute perfectly 100% of the time
*make sure they fit with the rules and regulations/code of points where applicable
*Choose a variety of types of moves

Combo moves together

Try combining moves from different families. For sport you will get extra points for this. 

Use the space

*make sure you use both poles equally
*Do moves at all height levels on the pole
*Use the whole stage
*Don't just walk between poles

Use an acro move

Not necessary for all competitions, but an acro move may give you bonus points and add variety.

Incorporate Choreography

Most competitions will want to see at least ten seconds of off the pole choreography. Do moves you can do well. 

Tell a story

The more you can make your routine interesting and stand out, the better it will score in artistic

Go all out on your costume. 

Spend the time/money to make sure your costume looks amazing.

4- Train like a Champion

Record all your run-throughs and go back and watch them. Analyze things screen by screen. Perfect all of the following. 

Point your toes

You must point your toes!

Eliminate Micro-Bends

You must have a completely straight knee or completely bent. Not in between. 

Look UP

Create eye contact and use your facial expressions. 

Hold your moves

Most moves are required to be held 2 seconds. Practice holding them 3 or 4. 

Meet the min requirements

For sport and aerials, make sure to read the minimum requirements in the code of points for each move.

Train until its perfect

You should be able to do your whole routine perfectly two times in a row.

5- Nail it on stage

Here we come back to mindset. Be prepared to allow yourself to do the routine you have practiced. Do not self sabatoge. Realize that even professionals feel nervous. Take a deep breath, and go win!!!!!


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