80% of success in business is determined by your mindset!

-Tony Robbins

Business Mindset

How to flip your mindset to put you into a state where you can utilize strategy to bring about unbound success: 


*Almost anything is possible
*Remove your limiting beliefs
*Declutter your life

Set Goals

*It's okay to shoot for the moon
*Get very clear on your goals
*Feel them emotionally
*Speak them in the present
*Speak them into existence
*write them every day

Take Massive Action

*The 10x Rule
*Success leaves clues
*Find a mentor

Stay Positive

*See it working even when it's not
*Find 5 friends who are doing what you what to be doing... irl, masterminds, books, podcasts, in the pole industry and without
*Feelings are for feeling, but get back into a positive state as soon as possible
*Utilize gratitude
*Leaders see things as they are and also better than they are (as they could be)

Allow the Victories

*Allow good things to happen...don't self-sabotage
*Don't judge your success- all success is welcome. 

The Remaining 20%

Strategies that make the difference

Step into your highest self

*Invest in yourself
*Operate in your zone of genius: Do, ditch, delegate, automate (see marketing stack below).

Create a Kick- Ass Program

*What services can you offer that are profitable, bring you joy, and help deliver on your promise to your students?
-What is your irresistible offer?
-How can you constantly support/improve your team?

Nail your branding

*Your brand is how your clients interact with your company
*Create a brand guide and stick to it

Master Sales

*Understand your noble selling purpose
*Record your sales process
*Make your website your best sales associate

Know your numbers and laws

*Stay up to date on bookkeeping
*Audit your systems for legality. 

Maximize and Optimize

*Become addicted to your stats
*What gets measured gets improved

Tips and Tricks

Marketing stack

*Constant contact

Learn to Launch!

Have special offers that are only good for a limited time.

Give to Get

Create a freebie that people actually want.
Give to create real value
*Get email addresses.


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