USPSF is pleased to announce Light and Pole as the Official Photographer for 2022. 

Order Athlete Pictures and Videos
$95- Now-Aug 31
$125- Sept 1 and after

Marco Mendez for 15 years he has been an International Pole Dance Photographer known as Light&Pole. He has covered nearly 50 comps worldwide, He has been the photographer for Int. comps/shows like Pole Theater World, Las Vegas Pole Expo, the USPSF Nationals, POSA Worlds, and CSIT Games (recognized by the International Olympic Committee) among many others. He also have the podcast "Light&talk" where he chats with polestars and Cirque du Soleil´s artists. We will have the honor of him capturing your magic for the USPSF 2022 comps.

Here is how he works:
1.- Make payment to mindbody 
2.- Fill out the order form  and upload screenshot of your payment to mindbody. 
3.-He will take photos & video to all performers.
4.- All performers will receive a minimum amount of 15 pictures. This number can grow depending on your technique, choreography, flow and passion delivering on the stage (it can grow up to 40 pictures).
5.- Video will be covered with one camera. It will have intro, outros, performers name and watermarks.
6.- The package will have a presale cost of $95 and a normal price of $125
7.- The presale fee will be available through Aug 31. Then it will return to its normal price.
8.- It´s important to tell us where you want the footage link to be sent (applies to Instagram DM, Facebook message, Whatsapp or email)
9.- The order of the footage delivery will be according to the order of payments so we encourage all performers to make the payment as soon as possible.

**After Competition**
10.- During the following 2 weeks after comp he will be organizing about 8,000 pictures next with your videos, putting them in their respective folders, then make a post selection (where he erases the pictures with weird faces /eyes, transitions, etc. and keeps only the best pictures!)
11.- After this time lapse, he will start sending the Google Drive links via emails that you gave us when you confirmed your package payment. Order will be fulfilled in the order they are received. 
12.- And finally, have fun. Show us that reinvention of yourself for this performance and let us celebrate it.

To Order
1- Make Payment to Mindbody
2- Fill out order form

Make Payment Here

Make Payment

Fill Out Order Form Here

Order Form

Check out Marco's Work in this video!