Team USA is bringing you the very finest in Pole Sport, Pole Art, Classique, Aerial Hoop, and Aerial Silks. Take classes and workshops from the best in the industry and learn how you too could someday join TEAM USA. 

2023 Tour Schedule

January 14, 2023

Unlocking Power Spins and Dynamic Movement Workshop with Kira Bucca

2 pm (Eastern) on Zoom

February 19, 2023

Finding your Flexibility Workshop with Ann Jennings

1 pm (Eastern) on Zoom

March 26, 2023

Maximizing Combo Bonuses Workshop with Sabrina Madsen

Noon (Eastern) on Zoom
$60, 1 hour

April 2, 2023

Maximizing ELITE Combo Bonuses Workshop with Sabrina Madsen
Encore Session!

Noon (Eastern) on Zoom
$60, 1 hour

April 16, 2023

Maximizing Combo Bonuses Workshop with Sabrina Madsen Encore Session!

Noon (Eastern) on Zoom
$60, 1 hour

May 6-7, 2023

Honey Groove Studio

Grove City, Ohio

May 27, 2023

Fonji Fundamentals and Other Dynamic Principles Virtual Workshop with Melvin Sanchez

3 pm (Eastern) on Zoom
$60, 1 hour
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June 15-18, 2023

International Pole Convention

DC Metro Area

Potential Workshops For Future Tours

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Choose from our menu of amazing workshops and instructors.

Beautiful Beginners with Team USA

* Execution *

As new polers, we look at the pros and marvel at their execution, hoping to someday duplicate their aesthetic. This workshop is all about making our pole skills beautiful and effortless, just like Team USA. In 90 amazing minutes, we will take those early pole moves you’re learning and make them crisp, clean, and controlled. Beautiful climbs? Check. Beautiful inverts? Check. Beautiful spins? Check. Ready to move like the pros? See you there!

Dynamic Dynamite with Melvin Sanchez

* Dynamic Moves *

Wow the audience and the judges when you learn hot tricks to make your routine explode with excitement. Melvin will teach you an arsenal of dynamic moves that will leave you feeling confident and on fire.

Lyra with Team USA

* Lyra *

This workshop will introduce you to amazing and fun hoop skills in the Code of Points - covering one move from each family. You will receive tips in maximizing your difficulty score as you sequence them together, making combos like a pro.

Stronger than Yesterday with Sabrina Madsen

* Strength Moves *

Nail your strength moves with Power House Sabrina. Sabrina will show you how to maximize your points. She will give options for many levels as well as how to combine moves for bonuses.

The ACRO Move with Melvin Sanchez

* Acro Move *

Acro moves bring extra points and extra interest to every routine. Melvin will help you learn the acro moves from the code of points and find interesting transitions in and out of them. Leave this workshop feeling confident that you will be able to get your acro bonus. 

Unlock Your Phoenix and Other Static Spins with Sabrina Madsen

* Static Spins *

A good routine incorporates spinning on both the spinning and static poles. In this workshop, Sabrina will break down the necessary steps to finally get your phoenix along with many other static spins from the Code of Points. 

Life is Better Upside Down with Team USA

* Inversions *

Whether you are brand new to pole or have been poling for years, we can all agree: the art of the inversion is foundational. In this workshop, we will break down the mechanics and bodywork required to master a beautifully executed inversion with drills and skills and variations to help you nail getting upside down. Plus, we will expand on your inversion with skills like the spinning chopper, aerial inversion, front and back spin while inverting, and much more. Designed for beginner to intermediate polers, this workshop will level up your invert game and leave you with a whole new set of ways to fly!

Silks with Sabrina Madsen

* Silks *

Twist, flip, and drop with the NATIONAL CHAMPION of silks. Sabrina will teach her signature tricks that have put her on top while breaking things down in a way that makes things seem easy and effortless. Sabrina is a PRO at teaching moves from the Code of Points and can help any aspiring competitor know what it will take to put together a winning routine. 

Contemporary Pole with Annie Jennings

* Choreography *

Ready to up your artistic appeal? In this workshop Annie with go over the fundamentals of contemporary movement on and around the pole. Use this workshop to help improve your choreography score and bring the dance back to pole dance.

The Rafa Factor

* Pole *

The legend of pole - Rafaela Montanaro - will share with you her secret recipe for becoming an icon in pole. She will go over signature tricks, how to maximize points and risk factor bonuses. Fair warning, just being in her presence will leave you in awe and inspired. And although we can't prove it, it has been said that just breathing the same air as her will improve your score.

Fonjis for Life with Samantha Star

* Fonjis and fonji prep *

You've seen Sam switch back and forth on the pole doing fonji after fonji and wondered how such gravity-defying agility could be achieved. Now is your chance to get the step-by-step process that will take you from the awe-inspired onlooker to the one actually doing this ICONIC trick. A true right of passage in pole, the fonji can be yours with the right training through the understanding of the mechanics of the move, the conditioning required to execute it, and the finesse required to achieve it. All of the conditioning skills and drills that will take you towards being able to Fonji.

Splits for Days with Jamilla DeVille

* Splits Moves on the Pole *

This is a tricks and sequences workshop based on split/ attitude positions. Whether you feel challenged for pole moves requiring leg flexibility, or if you have your splits, want to take them further, learn more splitty tricks, or explore leg variations, SPLITS FOR DAYS is for you! We will be working through a series of splitty movements, integrating appropriate modifications where needed. Learn a series of thorough warmup movements for middle and front splits, working both passive and active flexibility, and transfer them to the air. Low Intermediate (basic inversions) & Advanced

Let's Get Flexible - Brandi Todd

* Flexibility Moves *

Learn to S-T-R-E-T-C-H! Bring on the splits, backbends, and spreadies. It's time to get loose and learn how to best maximize your current level of flexibility. Brandi will go over many moves from the code of points with progressions and regressions. We will focus on getting the full 160 or 180 degrees to help you get full points.

Signature Movement with Heidi Coker

* Pole *

Pole as an art form. Heidi Coker will teach you how to leave your audience mesmerized with her fluid movements combined with impressive skill. A leader in the industry, Heidi has the experience to help any pole athlete become their best. 

Create a Lasting Impression with Sarah Samuelson

* Artistic Score *

No one (especially not the Judges) likes another boring routine to a sappy love song. True artistry is important in every routine. Learn the exact formulas to develop a character, map your music, incorporate an interesting plot, and leave the audience moved. This workshop is a must for pole art and pole sport athletes.  

COMBOS with Brandi

* Bonus Points *

Linking moves together on the pole will unlock new movement, wow your audience, and give you BONUS POINTS. 2020 National Pole Champion Brandi will teach you how to combine moves for fluid combinations. She will show many of her winning combinations along with progressions and regressions for multiple pole levels. If you want to score high, you must know how to combo!

Clean Your Routine and Max Out Your Score with Brandi

* Execution Points *

You're given 75 Execution points for FREE! Don't let the technical gremlins steal them away. Learn how to maximize your score by hanging on to all your execution points. First, let's DEFINE 'perfect execution'. I'll break down exactly what the judges are looking for: clean lines, correct posture, controlled movement, angles, and more. 

Silks with Jason Span

* Silks *

Weaving Transitions & Dynamics: Within this workshop, the primary focus will be on enhancing the quality of movement within aerial silks as well as adding dynamic transitions and drops for the WOW factor for your act. All levels are welcomed as there will be various progressions taught within the course. 

Handstands, Flexibility, Contortion with Jason 

* Floor Work *

Inverted Perspective: Some things in life are better upside down. Learn proper body alignment, technique, creating fun shapes, solo hand balancing, partner acro, and improv movement. I will also provide different methods to safely train your body to enhance your lines and flexibility.

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