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The USPSF is pleased to announce:


August 7-8, 2021
Tucson, AZ and online on zoom 
With Team USA Head Coaches Sabrina Madsen and Melvin Sanchez

Calling all pole athletes and anyone hoping to up their pole game.

We have put together a very special weekend to help you reach your potential this competition season and truly 


This event is for anyone that is signed up to compete, wants to compete someday, or just plain wants to become a rockstar at pole. 

Team USA Head Coaches Melvin Sanchez and Sabrina Madsen are heading to Tucson for a special weekend dedicated to helping all the athletes do their best. 

Join in person or online and make sure you are ready to take the stage. 

Go For Gold Competition Prep Weekend

How we are helping you get ready to rock the stage!

Pole Workshops 

Pole with the USPSF Head Coaches. These workshops are perfect for all pole sport, classique, and pole art athletes. Melvin Sanchez and Sabrina Madsen will teach you their methods on becoming the best you can be. Attend in person or online through zoom. 
These workshops are a great opportunity to have someone check your routine elements and ask your routine questions in addition to learning tons of new tips, tricks, and skills.

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Judges Course

Become a certified POSA judge. This certification is absolutely essential for all athletes, coaches, and parents to help you understand the rules.  There will be pre-course videos and practice before hand. Then on August 7 and 8, course will be offered live and on zoom. Plus there will be an "on demand" option/replay.  So you can finish the course on your time. 

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Schedule for Go For Gold Weekend

All classes will take place in Tucson, AZ and online on zoom. All times are Arizona time. 

Saturday, August 7

9 AM-12 PM

Judging Course Session 1

Saturday, August 7

1-4:30 PM

Stronger than Yesterday (1-2 PM)
Let's Get Flexible (2:15-3:15)
Acro Moves (3:30-4:30)

Sunday, August 8

9 AM- 12 PM

Judging Course Session 2

Sunday, August 8

1-4:30 PM

Static Spins (1-2 PM)
The Secret to Winning (2:15-3:15)
Dynamic Dynamite (3:30-4:30)


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Get the Unlimited Workshop Pass. Attend as many of the workshops as you would like in person. 



Billed annually

Get the unlimited workshop pass and attend online. Not in Tucson? No problem. You can still train with us. 



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Judging Course.
Just want to take the judging course?  Fantastic. This is a great option for all coaches, parents, and athletes.



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Unlimited Workshop Pass AND
Judging Course.

Save big and be completely prepared to Go for Gold!

Workshop Descriptions 

Let's Get Flexible

Learn to S-T-R-E-T-C-H! We will go over many moves from the code of points with progressions and regressions. We will focus on getting the full 160 or 180 degrees to help you get full points.

*Flexibility Moves*

Dynamic Dynamite with Melvin Sanchez

Wow the audience and the judges when you learn hot tricks to make your routine explode with excitement. Melvin will teach you an arsenal of dynamic moves that will leave you feeling confident and on fire. 

*Dynamic Moves*

Stronger than Yesterday with Sabrina Madsen

Nail your strength moves with Power House Sabrina. Sabrina will show you how to maximize your points.  She will give options for many levels as well as how to combine moves for bonuses. 

*Strength Moves*

The ACRO move with Melvin Sanchez

Acro moves bring extra points and extra interest to every routine. Melvin will help you learn the acro moves from the code of points and find interesting transitions in and out of them. Leave this workshop feeling confident that you will be able to get your acro bonus. 

*Acro Move*

Rise of the Phoenix and other static spins with Sabrina Madsen

A good routine incorporates spinning on both the spinning and static pole. In this workshop Sabrina will break down the necessary steps to finally get your phoenix along with many other static spins from the code of points. 

*Static Spins*

The Secret to Winning

In this off the pole workshop the coaches are going to go over all the essential elements of putting together a winning routine:
-training schedule
-cleaning your routine
-backstage prep -mental rehearsing
-getting bonuses

Do not miss this groundbreaking workshop that will be the difference in placing your best at your next competition. 

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