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Here we help athletes from around the world become their personal best.

Our mission is to support athletes through:

We seek to lead the industry through groundbreaking courses, programs, and competitions that go above and beyond in growing pole sport and caring for athletes. 

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You put your heart and soul into pole and aerial, let alone your time, energy, and wallet.

You practice and practice and want to do your very best on stage. You care about your score and want to improve.  All though you still want to have fun, you take competition very seriously. 

You know you were meant for amazing things. You know you were meant for GOLD.

You can do it! Anything is possible when you put your mind to it... and with the right help.

The USPSF has created the Academy to help athletes like you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. 

It exists to give the US Athletes the edge they need to score their potential.


You can do it! Anything is possible when you put your mind to it... and with the right help.

Join the USPSF 8 week challenge to take your routine from idea to stage in just 8 weeks!

This challenge is open to all levels in
*Pole Sport
*Pole Art
*Aerial Sport

Head Coaches Melvin Sanchez and Sabrina Madsen will walk you through the step necessary to be on the podium and get that gold medal around your neck!

Here's an outline of what you will get in the 8 week Go For Gold Challenge:

Week 1- Plan your routine
Learn about music selection, character choice, theme development

Week 2- Pick your moves
Understand what combinations will produce the highest scores and how to maximize your bonuses

Week 3- All about the choreography
Choreograph your dance segment
Incorporate your acro move
Learn to use the space
Transitions, transition, transitions
Pick up extra points by transitioning expertly through out your routine

Week 4- Stage Presence
Learn what it takes to wow the crowd and the judges and get feedback on how you're doing

Week 5- Clean it up
Learn how to clean your routine
Get feedback on how you're doing and ways to improve your routine cleanliness.
Avoid deductions.
Don't lose points from simple things that could be avoided. Learn how to check your routine and make sure it is good to go.

Week 6- The final touches
Learn behind the scenes of how top athletes make sure they do their best and always finish on top.
Get a checklist of things to prepare right before you go on stage.
Study the "it factor" that separates those that medal from those that don't

Week 7 and 8: Receive continued support as you PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Gain confidence that you are READY and then GO FOR GOLD!

Each week there will be an hour long interactive video conference where the HEAD COACHES will take you through the material. You will receive specific assignments to help you go through the material and be ready for the next week. 

Calls will be held on zoom and there will be a recorded version for you to watch later if you can't make the call live. 

In addition, all participants will be invited into the private GO FOR GOLD CHALLENGE Facebook group where you can post questions, interact with others, receive feedback, and be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for staying on track and doing your best. You'll be inspired and supported every step of the way. 

Registration is open now. 
Cost is $399.
Register before June 15 for only $299. 

Challenge begins July 5.

Already have a routine? Perfect! This workshop is still a great opportunity for your to take your routine to the next level and really go for GOLD!

*Of course we cannot guarantee any result. It will be up to you to do the work and continue to show up in every way possible. But taking this course can give you a huge head start in making your way to the top. 

Register for the 8 Week 

Make your payment through paypal to [email protected]. Then click the "register" button to fill out your registration form. 

Need more help to improve your score?

Receive 1:1 coaching

Work one on one with one of TEAM USA's head coaches through a virtual private lesson. 
During this time the coach can help you:
Plan  your routine
Pick out your declared moves
Learn a new trick
Problem solve a difficult skill
Help you clean your routine
and much more.

Cost: $100 per hour payable through paypal to [email protected]

Head Coach Sanchez

Work with Melvin Sanchez. Melvin is the WORLD Champion and many times over national champion. He is a certified POSA judge.  He can help you in all things pole.

Email us to book 

Head Coach Madsen

Work with Sabrina Madsen. Sabrina is the National Champion for silks and many times silver medalist for pole. She is a certified POSA Judge and POSA Coach and can help you with all things aerial and pole. 

Email us to book