Welcome to the USPSF Academy

We help athletes from around the world become their personal best.

Our mission is to support athletes through:

We seek to lead the industry through groundbreaking courses, programs, and competitions that go above and beyond in growing pole and aerial sport and caring for athletes.


Code of Points Training and Certifications
for Athletes, Coaches, Judges, and Head Judges

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Team USA Workshop National Tour

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TEAM USA Training Program

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Need more help to improve your score?

Receive 1:1 coaching

Work one on one with one of TEAM USA's Head Coaches through a virtual private lesson. 

During this time the Coach can help you:
Plan  your routine
Pick out your declared moves
Learn a new trick
Problem-solve a difficult skill
Help you clean your routine
and much more.

Cost: $100 per hour

Head Coach Sanchez

Work with Melvin Sanchez. Melvin is the 2019 POSA WORLD Champion and many times over national champion. He is a certified POSA judge.  He can help you in all things pole.

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Head Coach Madsen

Work with Sabrina Madsen. Sabrina is the 2021 National Champion for pole and silks. She is a certified POSA Judge and POSA Coach and can help you with all things aerial and pole. 

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Head Coach Montanaro

Work with Rafaela Montanaro.  Rafaela has won 5 gold medals at World Pole Sports Championships and 6 American titles between singles and doubles divisions.

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